OYC-140 When My Handsome Friends Went Picking Up Girls And Found This Group Of Office Ladies Having The Time Of Their Lives At A Spa Resort, They Brought Them To My Room And They Were Still Wearing Their Swimsuits!! Were They So Easy Because My Friends Were So Handsome, Or Because Being On Vacation Made Them Put Their Guard Down? Or Was It Because They Were Wearing Swimsuits? Things Got Wetter And Wilder And We Played Games And Got Drunk And Even Wilder, Until...

Scene ID: OYC-140

Release Date: 2017-10-19

Director: Machiruda

Maker: Oyashoku Company / Mousozoku

Label: Oyashoku Company (HHH Group)

Actresses: Saijou Sara,Ninomiya Waka,Kiyomoto Rena

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