HUNTA-367 Why Did My Strict And Mean Lady Boss Suddenly Become Erotic And Kind To Me...? I Finally Got My First Job, And The Company Was Filled With Women!? I'm The Only Man In The Office, So I Thought I Was In Heaven! Or So I Thought... I Was Given So Much Work That I Was In Overtime Hell!! "I Can Live Like This!" After A Few Days, I Handed In My Letter Of Resignation, But Then... My Female Co-Workers Suddenly Started Treating Me Differently!!

Scene ID: HUNTA-367

Release Date: 2017-11-07

Director: Konnyaku Kanno

Maker: Hunter

Label: HHH Group

Actresses: Wakatsuki Mizuna,Sasaki Aki,Imai Yua,Akemi Kou,Aragaki Chie,Kitakawa Riko

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